Terms & Conditions

Basic Requirements:

  • All customers must present a valid driver's license, and a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express) should match the name on the reservation.
  • The minimum age for rental is twenty-three. (restriction and additional fee apply***)
  • A Security Deposit will apply according to the rental car category.
  • The card must have sufficient funds to cover the deposit, rental, or deductible, which will be blocked until the end of the rental agreement.
  • You should present a valid passport and driver's license to pick up the vehicle.
  • Unlimited mileage.
  • Rates are subject to change without notice.
  • Taxes are incorporated into the rental rates.
  • A basic protection package is mandatory and included in the quoted prices.

*** Underage, the fee is $25.00 per day, in addition to the Premium Protection Package required in this rental. Customers aged twenty-three can rent up to the Compact SUV category (CFAR).


Company Policies

Vehicle Usage: Driving is only permitted within Panama.

Debit Cards: Debit cards with Visa or MasterCard logos with are accepted when renting the vehicle. For your protection, the Premium Protection Package (Premium) is a necessary condition for renting with this type of cards. It´s required to obtain a rental deposit on the card plus the total rental amount according to the car category. (restriction apply)

Additional Drivers: All additional drivers must hold a valid license and will incur a $5.00 per day fee. Additional drivers aged between 22 and 24 years old cannot be added.

Reservation Policy: All reservations are held only two hours after the scheduled reservation time. You can call or email to change the pick-up time and will be adjusted accordingly. After two hours, the reservation will be considered a "No-Show", and the reservation may not be guaranteed depending on vehicle availability.

Extra Day Charges: All rates are guaranteed for the duration of the original contract. If the vehicle is not returned on the original contract date, additional charges for extra days will apply. If you wish to extend the contract, you must call for authorization, and it will depend on availability.

Airport Surcharge: The customer must pay a 12% airport surcharge for contracts opened at Tocumen International Airport and a 6% airport surcharge for contracts opened from David Enrique Malek Airport or Albrook Airport.

Available Products: Dollar Car Rental offers the following products if needed: Wi-Fi devices / Baby Seats / Booster/ Panapass-Tolls service tag / Accessories. Prices vary based on availability.

Other Charges: There is a mandatory 7% Consumption Tax (I.T.B.M) on the total contract amount.


Terms and Conditions - Rental Protection´s


Between the undersigned, Panama Car Rental, S.A., hereinafter referred to as THE LESSOR, and the natural person(s) or legal entities indicated in this contract, hereinafter referred to as THE LESSEE, enter into this lease agreement, consisting of the following clauses:


Object: This lease agreement pertains to THE VEHICLE described in the lease contract, along with its tools, parts, and accessories (hereinafter THE VEHICLE), which is delivered to THE LESSEE in good mechanical, bodywork, upholstery, and operational condition.


Driver Conditions: Any driver of THE VEHICLE must be over twenty (22) years old, legally capable, possess a valid driver's license, and have monthly income exceeding US $500.00. If THE LESSEE is a natural person, these requirements must be met.


Duration: The lease agreement will commence upon delivery of THE VEHICLE by THE LESSOR and will end on the date specified in the lease contract. If THE LESSEE wishes to extend the lease duration, they must notify THE LESSOR before the expiration of the lease for authorization. If not authorized by THE LESSOR, THE LESSEE must return THE VEHICLE on the date specified in the lease contract or as indicated by THE LESSOR. Failure to return THE VEHICLE on the stipulated date, obtaining it through fraud or false statements, or using it for illicit purposes will be deemed unauthorized use by THE LESSEE.

In such cases, THE LESSOR may pursue civil or criminal action against THE LESSEE and may recover THE VEHICLE from its location, without incurring liability for the loss of any value or object within THE VEHICLE. It is understood that the expenses incurred by THE LESSOR in recovering the asset will be charged to THE LESSEE.

THE LESSOR reserves the right to repossess THE VEHICLE at any time and place, without prior request and at its sole discretion, when it deems there is a breach of the lease agreement, a violation of the law, or any potential risk of loss or deterioration of the vehicle. If THE LESSEE fails to comply with the stipulated period in the lease agreement, any coverage or benefit offered, accepted, and paid for by THE LESSEE will be rendered null and void.

THE LESSEE may not keep THE VEHICLE leased for a period exceeding 30 calendar days under the same lease agreement. To lease a car for more than 30 calendar days, THE LESSEE must visit the offices with THE VEHICLE to sign a new lease agreement.


Contract Value: THE LESSEE shall pay THE LESSOR, for the normal use of THE VEHICLE, taxes, partial waiver of liability for damages, coverage for medical expenses, collision, theft, third-party damages, repairs, deductibles, gasoline, and other charges, the amount in United States Dollars corresponding to the rates and fees specified in the lease contract, calculated until the return of THE VEHICLE to the satisfaction of THE LESSOR. THE LESSEE shall pay all fines, parking fees, and any other expenses imposed for traffic law violations and regulations. Additionally, THE LESSEE is responsible for the Panapass toll fees resulting from the use of the South and North corridors, as well as towing service expenses, damages, third-party claims, investigation costs, legal or extrajudicial expenses, attorney fees, and expert fees, etc. THE LESSEE shall reimburse THE LESSOR in the event that, due to their non-compliance, THE LESSOR incurs damages for this reason.


Security Deposit: In order to guarantee the obligations arising from this lease agreement, THE LESSEE agrees to deposit the amount indicated in the lease contract as security. THE LESSEE authorizes THE LESSOR to dispose of the deposit in whole or in part, without prior notice or any other formality, in cash or through a credit card or any document accepted by THE LESSOR. In the event that, due to the breach of the lease agreement, THE LESSEE causes expenses or damages in an amount greater than that specified in the security deposit, they are obliged to pay the difference. THE LESSOR is authorized to deduct the total charges from the credit card given as a guarantee.


Lease Charges Payment:

  1. All charges are subject to a final audit. If errors are discovered, THE LESSEE is obligated to pay the overdue amounts duly corrected. If THE LESSEE agrees to make payment by credit card, THE LESSOR is authorized to correct the charges with the card issuer. If THE LESSEE uses a credit card to pay for overdue charges under agreement, a reasonable credit amount may be reserved by the credit card issuer, and THE LESSEE is aware of this reservation.
  2. THE LESSEE is obligated to pay for fuel in case THE VEHICLE is not returned with a full tank. THE LESSOR has the discretion to establish the amount to be charged per gallon of fuel. There is no refund if THE LESSEE returns THE VEHICLE with more fuel than it was delivered with.
  3. Any amount not paid on time will be subject to a late payment interest of 10% per month or the highest interest rate allowed by law, at the option of THE LESSOR.



Lessee's Obligations: THE LESSEE expressly accepts the following obligations, which also apply to other authorized drivers: Return THE VEHICLE on the date specified in the lease contract with its tools, equipment, accessories, etc., in the same good condition as received, at authorized offices and during THE LESSOR's operating hours. Do not drive THE VEHICLE negligently or recklessly, at excessive speeds, under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or in violation of municipal or national traffic laws and regulations. If any dashboard light indicates a malfunction of THE VEHICLE, THE LESSEE must immediately stop and report it to THE LESSOR.

  • Do not allow individuals not authorized in the lease contract to drive THE VEHICLE. Do not use THE VEHICLE in sports competitions, speed tests, or similar contests. Do not propel or tow vehicles, trailers, or use it for paid passenger transport, cargo, or baggage exceeding the capacity stipulated by the manufacturer. Do not sublease THE VEHICLE to third parties, whether natural or legal persons.
  • Do not use THE VEHICLE for political activities, demonstrations, caravans, marches, parades during carnivals, riots, strikes, guerrillas, and in general any illegal or dangerous activity. Do not allow the rented vehicle to leave the territory of the Republic of Panama, drive it only on passable roads, never on trails or unpaved roads. The cost of repair or damage due to deviation or non-compliance with this rule will be charged to THE LESSEE. Immediately inform THE LESSOR if the odometer stops operating correctly. If not done, in the event of a violation of the odometer seal, THE LESSEE agrees to pay for a maximum of 150 kilometers per day at a rate of $0.30 (thirty cents) per kilometer. It is understood and accepted by THE LESSEE that the agreed price in this lease contract includes free mileage of 150 kilometers per day. THE LESSOR reserves the right to charge for mileage consumption beyond 150 kilometers per day at a rate of $0.30 (thirty cents) per kilometer. Be prudent in caring for THE VEHICLE. THE LESSEE must remove the keys from the ignition, lock it, not leave THE VEHICLE in unprotected places, park only in appropriate places, and not give keys to individuals not specified in the lease contract.


Lessee's Obligations in Case of Accident, Loss, Theft, or Misappropriation: In these cases, THE LESSEE agrees to the following:

  1. Personally inform THE LESSOR within 12 hours of the incident with a description and identifying involved third parties with their personal data, address, and telephone number.
  2. Obtain a police report within 12 hours of the incident issued by a Panamanian authority or file a criminal complaint, as appropriate. IF THERE IS NO POLICE REPORT, ALL COVERAGES CONTRACTED BY THE CLIENT WILL BE VOID.
  3. Provide THE LESSOR with any summons, report, claim, or document of any kind related to the incident.
  4. Refrain from making payments, settlements, and admitting liability on their own or on behalf of THE LESSOR.
  5. Cooperate with THE LESSOR and the INSURANCE COMPANY in the investigation and defense.
  6. Timely return to THE LESSOR the original keys to THE VEHICLE in good condition.
  7. In the event of a traffic accident, THE LESSEE expressly authorizes THE LESSOR to appoint a legal representative before administrative or judicial authorities and expressly releases them from any claim resulting from the exercise of this authorization. The cost of this representation is $150 (one hundred fifty) per event and will be borne by THE LESSEE.


Lessee's Responsibility: THE LESSEE understands and accepts that this lease agreement makes them directly responsible for THE VEHICLE they rent, its tools, parts, and accessories, and must reimburse THE LESSOR for damages of any nature caused to THE VEHICLE under any circumstances during the term of this lease agreement. At the request of THE LESSOR, THE LESSEE will pay the expenses and losses of THE LESSOR, including reasonable attorney fees incurred in judicial attention to any accident and loss of profits caused by the loss of use of THE VEHICLE. THE LESSEE must also reimburse THE LESSOR for the cost of THE VEHICLE if it is lost, stolen, or subject to misappropriation. THE LESSEE will be responsible in any case, even if they have accepted the Basic Protection (Basic) and/or Premium Protection (Premium) package, for damages to THE VEHICLE caused directly by people, fortuitous events, flood, and force majeure, damages from collision with fixed objects or while parked, animals, vandalism, theft of parts and pieces of the car, overturning and collision and leakage of any of the vehicles. THE LESSEE will pay the corresponding deductible amount of B/.2,000.00 (two thousand balboas) per vehicle. This deductible is non-refundable under any circumstances. THE LESSEE, at their option, may accept the benefit of Third-Party Damage Extension (ILP) to extend the coverage of civil liability and damage to third-party property with a maximum protection of up to B/.300,000.00 (three hundred thousand balboas), a combined single limit per accident, only to cover damage to third-party property and persons by paying the stipulated coverage.

IF THE LESSEE fails to comply with any of the terms of this lease agreement and specifically the obligations set forth in clauses SEVENTH and EIGHTH, the agreement for ILP payment will be void and have no effect. Similarly, THE LESSEE must pay the corresponding deductible amount of B/.2,000.00 (two thousand dollars). Injuries and damages suffered by the driver and any passengers of THE RENTED VEHICLE during the term of this lease agreement will be the responsibility and account of THE LESSEE, freeing THE LESSOR from the consequences that may arise. However, THE LESSOR offers to THE LESSEE, at the beginning of the lease, the Personal Coverage Package (PPC) covered by a Medical Expenses Insurance Policy to cover the risks under the terms and conditions indicated in the annex to this contract, which THE LESSEE must accept or reject with their signature in the respective space of the lease contract and payment of the corresponding fee.


Responsibility for Loss or Damage to Objects and Property: THE LESSEE is solely responsible for the loss or damage that objects, property, or money left, deposited, and/or transported by THE LESSOR or third parties in THE RENTED VEHICLE or any other vehicle of THE LESSOR's service may suffer, and in case THE LESSOR is condemned to indemnify for such losses or damages for any reason, THE LESSEE undertakes to reimburse THE LESSOR for the corresponding indemnities, even after the expiration of the lease agreement. However, THE LESSOR offers THE LESSEE, at the beginning of the lease, the Personal Coverage Package (PPC) to cover the personal property of THE LESSEE, up to a maximum of $500.00 (five hundred balboas) per event (excluding electronic items), which THE LESSEE must accept with their signature in the respective space of the lease contract and payment of the corresponding fee. The validity of the PPC, as well as any other benefit accepted by THE LESSEE, begins and ends with the validity of the lease agreement and upon receipt of THE RENTED VEHICLE at any of THE LESSOR's facilities or as authorized by them. THE LESSEE must report theft or robbery to THE LESSOR to validate the application of the PPC. THE LESSOR is not responsible for any property or object left in the RENTED VEHICLE, even if THE LESSEE has accepted and paid for the PPC, once the car has been returned to THE LESSOR.


Rights of THE LESSOR: The rights that correspond to THE LESSOR, according to the lease contract, can only be waived by written declaration signed by the president of THE LESSOR. The parties agree that any difference in interpretation, controversy, or claim related to the lease contract must be raised only before the relevant authorities of the Republic of Panama, with THE LESSEE waiving any other present or future domicile. However, THE LESSOR may, at their option, initiate legal proceedings at the domicile of THE LESSEE to demand compliance with any amount owed to THE LESSOR under the lease contract, even if THE LESSEE's domicile is in a jurisdiction other than Panama. By this lease agreement, THE LESSEE authorizes THE LESSOR to consult, collect, and/or transmit their credit references as well as the credit references of the company they represent in their database. THE LESSOR is exempt from any responsibility resulting from the exercise they make of it. (In compliance with Article 40 of Law No. 24 of May 22, 2002, which regulates the credit history information service of consumers or clients).


Basic Protection Package (Basic)

  • Partially protects the car.
  • Third-party damages up to $20,000
  • Roadside assistance

Standard Protection Package (Standard)

  • Partially covers the rental car.
  • Increased third-party damages up to $300,000.
  • Medical expenses for the driver and passengers
  • Covers legal expenses.

Premium Protection Package (Premium)

  • Fully covers the rental car.
  • Waives the deductible and increase third-party damages up to $300,000.
  • Medical expenses for the driver and passengers
  • Covers legal expenses.

Third-Party Damage or Liability Coverage – Non-Declinable (SLI)

  • This coverage will only apply in cases where the customer declines the basic protection plan due to proof of having rental car insurance on their Credit Card. 
  • Covers all damages to third parties up to a maximum of $20,000, provided they comply with the terms determined in the contract.

Increased Third-Party or Liability Coverage up to $300,000 (ILP)

  • This coverage can only be acquired in conjunction with SLI or PCM.
  • Raises the required liability limits from $20,000 to $300,000.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage (CCA)

  • Only for Insurance Company customers. Exempts the Insured from paying the deductible on their Policy up to a maximum of $2,000.00*
  • Covers tires, hubcaps, rims, windshields, and damages caused against fixed objects. Includes Emergency Road assistance.

Roadside Assistance Coverage (ERA)

This program is automatic and eliminates any cost of roadside assistance services:

  • Covers jump-start due to battery discharge, and tire change assistance (does not cover tire damage).
  • Key loss (does not cover cylinder replacement), 
  • Tow truck in proven cases of immobilization, up to $150.00. 

This program is optional; however, it is highly recommended.

Personal Protection Plan Coverage (PPC)

Covers medical expenses for passengers of the rented car (according to the vehicle's seating capacity). The maximum amount to cover for each passenger is $1,000.

This coverage also includes a life insurance policy for the main driver and occupants in the event of traffic accidents. The policy for the main driver is $25,000 (Twenty-five thousand Balboas) and for passengers is $10,000 (Ten thousand Balboas). Personal items up to $500 per person (excluding all electronic items, jewelry, cell phones, etc.). The customer must provide evidence or a loss declaration and must file the report properly processed before the authorities within a maximum period of 24 hours. It also includes medical expenses for traffic accidents with the rented vehicle during the rental period stipulated in the contract. These medical expenses will be reimbursed once a collision report and invoice are submitted. 

Emergency Travel Services (ETS)

In case of emergencies, the ETS program covers the payment of all necessary transportation expenses for your transfer to a hospital or care center, including your home country or destination.

Legal Fees and Tickets (LFT)

Includes legal representation at hearings and attorney fees, with a regular cost of $150.00 + ITBMS. Does not cover expenses in cases of negligence, such as speeding, talking on the phone while driving, driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances, and parking in disabled areas.

What invalidates these coverages?


  • Allowing unauthorized persons to drive the vehicle; otherwise, the coverages lose validity automatically. If the return of the car is done by an unauthorized driver, a charge of $250 will be applied at the end of the contract.
  • Driving the VEHICLE negligently or recklessly, speeding, under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or in violation of municipal or national traffic laws and regulations.
  • Driving at a proven excessive speed by GPS.p0
  • Objects falling from the road.
  • Acts of God.
  • Collision with animals, whether loose or tied.
  • Driving on unpaved, difficult-to-access roads, private estates, or similar.
  • Driving the vehicle outside the borders of the Republic of Panama.
  • Loading the vehicle onto a ferry.
  • Using the vehicle for commercial purposes, charging for the transportation of passengers or goods.
  • Using the vehicle to violate the law or commit illegal acts.
  • Not presenting a police report or reaching an amicable settlement between the parties.
  • Engaging in deception when filing a damage report.
  • Acts of God are not covered, for example:
  • Collision with an object or another vehicle in private parking lots.
  • Fall of blunt objects on the vehicle causing damage.
  • Collision with animals.
  • Hit-and-run without presenting a police report or reporting to the DIJ.
  • Overdue rentals.


Various coverage packages, both basic and Premium, are offered. A total coverage package is not offered as there are types of incidents and acts of God that are not included in the coverage we provide.

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