1. What is the minimum required age to rent a vehicle?

A.  Minimum required age is 25 years or older.
Customers with ages between:
* 21-22 years have an additional charge of $ 20.00 per day plus tax.
* 23-24 years have an additional charge of $ 15.00 per day plus tax.
Must submit a credit card.

2. What are the requirements to rent a car?

A Client must present a major credit card for the deposit and valid driver’s license.  Non-Panamanians must also present a valid passport.

3. Can I use cash as a form of payment?

Only panamnians, colombians and venezuelans may use cash as a form of payment.
Panamenians citizens must provide their social security card and a valid document that prooves they have an monthly icome of over $700.00 deduction free.
Colombian and Venezuelan citizens may use cash as a form of payment only at our airport offices and they are required to provide a valid passport, driver’s license and boarding pass.

Important note:
When using cash as a form of payment, the client may rent cars in the Economy category only and the following restrictions will apply:

  • Rental must include the Full Cover package
  • May not include an additonal driver
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4. What is the minimum coverage package in Panama and what are it’s terms

The minimum coverage package in Panama is the Minimum Protection Package (PCM)
Cost for this package varies according to the category of vehicle. Includes: collision with another car in motion, Total Theft and Third Party insurance (Up to $ 10,000).
This coverage has a deductible of $ 2,000: Renter is responsible for damage to the rental vehicle up to the value of the deductible, regardless of who caused the accident. It also covers up to $ 2,000 in damages for the car rental to third parties or persons and / or private property. The police report will be required to validate this coverage.

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6. What are the Optional Coverage Packages in Panama and what are the

A. Optional Coverages in Panama are:

Deductible Damage Waiver (DDW)

Additional and complementary to PCM coverage. It exempts the customer from paying the deductible ($ 2,000) of the rented car in case of an accident with another vehicle in motion, provided they comply with the provisions Coverage Collision and Theft. It also covers damages to the tires and/or rims of the rented car caused by blowouts or cuts (Luxury rims not included). Limited to cases of impacts against pavement or sidewalks or roads in poor condition. It also covers the front windshield by chipping and cracking due to unpredictable forces of nature, but not in case of vandalism.

Super Damage Waiver (SDW)
Supplemental coverage to PCM. It includes the same elements of SDW and additionally covers overturning, collision and fugue (provided that the customer present the respective complaint to the DIJ) and it also covers up to $400.00 in damages such as collision with stationary object in public areas and places authorised by the ATTT for issuance of the police report (Does not include collisions with animals, people or fortuitous events affecting the vehicle body such as falling objects, paint, cement etc.)

Third Party insurance coverage or Liability – No declinable (SLI)
Cover damage caused by our car to third parties or persons and / or private property. This coverage applies only if the customer has declined the basic plan (PCM), and has presented proof of having insurance for rental cars in his/her credit card, or has purchased third-party insurance online that covers all damages to third parties covering the rental vehicle. This package covers up to $ 20,000 if you comply with what is stated in the contract.

Increase of Third Party Liability up to $ 300,000 (ILP)
This coverage is available only in conjunction with SLI or PCM. Increases the limit of liability required from $ 25,000 up to $ 300,000.

Full Coverage Insurance (CCA)
For insurance-customers only. Covers any damage or incident caused to the vehicle during the rental period up to the amount of $ 2,000.00 but does not include payment of deductible.  It also includes ERA and free up grade.

Coverage Roadside Assistance (ERA)
This program eliminates any cost of roadside assistance. Covers:

  • “Battery Charge” or discharge ignition battery, tire changing assistance assistance  (excluding the rim itself or damage)
  • Lost Key: opening the vehicle in case of not having the key (does not cover replacement of the cylinder)
  • Tow in cases of immobility, up to $ 150.00.

This plan is completely optional, but highly recommended to avoid extra costs should you need road assistance.

Personal Protection Package (PPC)
Covers medical expenses in case of an accident for passengers of the rented vehicle (according to the seating capacity of the vehicle). The maximum amount to be covered for each passenger is $ 1,000 (One thousand dollars). This coverage also includes a life insurance policy for the main driver and the occupants in the event of accidents. The life insurance policy for the main driver is $ 25,000 (Twenty five thousand dollars) and their passengers $ 10,000 (Ten thousand dollars). Personal items up to $ 500 per person (excludes electronics, jewelry, cell phones etc.) customer must present evidence or lost-item statement and must file the complaint before the authorities in a time period not exceeding 24 hours. It also includes medical expenses for traffic accidents in the rented vehicle during the rental period stipulated in the contract. These medical expenses will be reimbursed once the customer submits the report and the bill collision.

Emergency Travel Services / Emergency Travel Services (ETS)
A. ETS offers a settlement and payment of all expenses to transport you by any means necessary, to a hospital or medical-care center, including your country of origin or destination.

Legal Fees in Tickets (LFT) 
A. Includes legal representation at hearings and the attorney’s fee whose regular cost is $ 150.00. It covers the payment of regular-traffic violations and parking tickets. It does not cover any expenses in case of negligence such speeding or talking on the phone while driving, driving under the influence of alcohol or any other illicit substance, or occupying a parking space for disabled persons.

Full Coverage Package (PFC)
Includes the same benefits as in PCM + SDW + ERA + ETS + LFT at a more comfortable price, and addition it covers minor bumps and tears caused to the vehicle.
Note: The customer must present police report in order to be exempted.

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7. Do additional drivers have an extra cost?

R. The cost for additional driver is $ 5.00 per day plus tax.  The additional driver must meet the minimum age requirement of 25 and have a valid driver’s license.

8. How long do I have to wait to get back the guarantee deposit?

A. The application to refund your deposit will be made to the bank immediately after the rental contract is closed. However due to operational reasons between banks, the process can take between 10 and 24 working days. (This does not include weekends and holidays).

9. Can I use my rented vehicle to cross the border between Panama and

A. No.  You can only use your rented vehicle within the limits of the republic of Panama.

10. What kind of license do I need to rent a 15 passenger bus?

A.  To rent a 15-passenger bus you need a commercial license type D.

11. What number should I call If I need some assistance?

A. Our support number is the 800-7368  (24 hours a day).

12. What is the Fuel Prepaid service?

A. When a client opens a contract to rent a vehicle, he/she can request the purchase of a Full Tank service at seasonal price. With this service the customer not only avoids having to refuel the car before returning it, but he/she also gets the benefit of an additional 4 hours to use the vehicle.

13. How long will the car rental agency hold my reserved vehicle?

A. We will hold your reserved car up to two hours after the pick-up time that appears on your reservation.  Should you require a change in the pick-up time, you must notify in advance.

14. Are there any additional charges besides those indicated on the website?

A. For rentals made at the airports Tocumen International (Panama city), there is an additional airport service fee of 12% of the final price.
B. For rentals made at Marcos A. Gelabert (Albrook) and Enrique Malek (David, Chiriqui) the additional airport service fee is 6% of the final price.

15. What accessories can I include in my rental service?

A.    GPS
B.    Baby seat
C.    Mobile WiFi

16. What should I do if the rented vehicle has an accident?

A.  Never accept amicable arrangements or assume any responsibility for the accident.
Notify the Panamanian Transit Authority (ATTT) to send an agent to write the police report  (511-7000 / 511-0547)
Report immediately to our office by calling 800-7368 phones.
Take pictures of the cars and crash site. Try also lifting a sketch.
Once the ATTT agent completes your report, go to the location where you rented the car or to our nearest branch to fill an internal report accident and proceed with changing the unit.
If there are no injuries and the car can be driven, remove it from the road to avoid obstructing traffic.
In case of strong collisions call 800-7368 for assistance or to request a Crane.

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17. If I rented my car in a city branch, can I return it to another branch outside

A. Yes you can. All rentals made in the city may be returned to a different branch outside Panama city, however a Drop Off charge will apply and the cost may vary depending on the location.

18. Can I pay my reservation directly in the DollarPanama.com website?

You can make your reservation using our website (Dollarpanama.com) but In order to complete your payment you must go to the nearest branch office.