PANAMA CAR RENTAL S.A Started operations in may of 2002, under the leadership of brothers Jorge Juan and Ricardo de la Guardia.  Back then the company had 14 employees, a fleet of 120 units and 25 vehicles for sale.

Today PANAMA CAR RENTAL S.A. has a workforce of over 170 employees and a fleet that surpasses 2,000-unit mark.

What started, as a small family venture, has become one of the leading businesses in the car rental industry with 11 branches across the republic of Panama thanks to their visionaries and founders Jorge de la Guardia and Maruja de la Guardia.

PANAMA CAR RENTAL, S.A. is currently a corporate group comprised by:

DOLLAR RENT A CAR:  An international franchise dedicated to car rental services

AUTOMARKET: Company dedicated to buying and selling used vehicles as well as consignments.

Our Vision

Be the lead provider of car sales and rental services in Panama, preferred by our customers because of their confidence in the quality of our products, services and the professionalism of all members on our workforce.

Our Mission

Guarantee the best vehicles for sales and rental, thus providing all our customers an experience of excellence in all of our services by means of practicing teamwork and an impeccable work ethic as part of our core values.

Value Proposal

An exceptional experience of quality, efficiency and good price.

Corporate Values

  • Commitment to our clients
  • Communication and teamwork
  • Passion in everything we do
  • Honesty, integrity, kindness and discipline
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Profitability is essential for our future
  • Social conscience

Corporate Responsibility

Dollar Rent A Car Panama is an organisation that believes in corporate responsibility, and is proud to collaborate with groups such as:
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